Satanist activists of OCU in the fight against the Church

17 May 2023 18:53
Satanists and their Satanists and their "performance" at the walls of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Photo: UOJ

At the Lavra, activists led by a Satanist magician staged a blasphemous "performance" called the "funeral of the UOC-MP." Why is this happening and what happens next?

Today, a group of opponents of the UOC staged a blasphemous “performance” with the “funeral of Patriarch Kirill” near the walls of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

Young people were wearing clothes resembling priestly vestments as attributes of the "performance" and performed actions common for priests – they "blessed", "censed", read "prayers".

Meanwhile, Poroshenko’s activists in fake costumes of a “bishop”, “zombie” and others were barking, crowing and sobbing feignedly.

At the end of the ceremony, Belial, pointing to the Lavra, said that “the monks of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will pray in these temples,” i.e. the OCU.

In other words, this person clearly identifies himself with the Dumenko’s structure and advocates precisely for the “correct” OCU to settle in the Lavra at the cost of the extermination of the canonical Church.

It’s noteworthy that the “prayers” read were not fictitious, but really those included in any Orthodox breviary and supposed to be read at funerals. But with one "feature" – they included obscene abuse.

We also emphasize that the censer used was natural, not fake. Thus, the “performers” spat not only at the UOC, but also at all Christian churches in Ukraine in general, laughing at prayers, vestments of priests, and burial rites.

No wonder given two points.

Artists and "activists" in the service of Satan

First point. The organizer of the "performance" or at least its main actor was a man who calls himself "the great magician Belial". This explicit Satanist and homosexual came to the walls of the Lavra with satanic symbols: a medallion with a goat's face, a ring with a skull and a hat with zodiac signs or something like that.

Satanist activists of OCU in the fight against the Church фото 1

Satanist activists of OCU in the fight against the Church фото 2

Second point. This "performance" was, without a doubt, a continuation of the campaign to denigrate the UOC, which has long been launched in the media. Remember "Kvartal 95" or "Diesel show"?

That is, the psychopathic and rabid "activists" considered the anti-church blasphemy of the artists as a “go-ahead”. And they will undoubtedly go ahead.

Why do we think so? Because this has already happened according to the same scenario as now. True though, it was 100 years ago.

Bolsheviks and their struggle against the Church

Then, as now, the authorities of a vast country that had not yet recovered from the First World War, the revolution and the Civil War, initiated persecution against the Church. At first, things did not develop too quickly, and the authorities even tried to maintain the semblance of the legality of their actions. Trials were held against priests and bishops, churches and monasteries were closed after meetings of workers and peasants, and, allegedly, at their request, the executions of the clergy were not massive.

But then everything changed dramatically: the executions and explosions of churches became commonplace, the wave of terror, as well as the complete destruction of the Church, could not be halted. Why did it happen? Why did the society take the murders and exiles of believers, their yesterday's neighbors and work colleagues, as a proper and correct decision?

For a very simple reason – the anti-church forces managed to dehumanize the representatives of the Church. They were able to hammer into the heads of ordinary citizens that all believers, and notably priests, are obscurantists, servants of enemies of the state, bribe takers, slave owners, and so on. The media and various "performances" conducted by Komsomol members and Bolshevik youth were employed for massive propaganda of these messages.

Below, for example, while mocking the Church and the clergy, during some Soviet holiday in Kostroma, “death” was driven in a car, .

Satanist activists of OCU in the fight against the Church фото 3

And here is the effigy of the "priest", near which the "activists" sing songs to the accordion and dance.

Satanist activists of OCU in the fight against the Church фото 4

Well, and a large-scale “performance” organized by the Union of Atheists, during which a group of young people carried images of “clergymen” with blasphemous posters around the city.

Satanist activists of OCU in the fight against the Church фото 5

This is the most realistic déjà vu ever. Satanists are trying to dehumanize the Church, believers and the priesthood as much as possible. They clearly respond to signals launched from high corridors – “you can, don’t be afraid, you will not be punished.” And if the situation continues to develop in the same direction, it will end with murders, destruction of temples and eventually the Church.

Dumenko thinks in vain that all of the above will not affect his organization. The Renovationsists thought likewise a hundred years ago. And only later, when they ended up in camps or exiles, did some of them realize how cruelly they had been deceived. Those who did not understand did not live to see the camps.

Well, those demoniac young people who are standing near the Lavra, in fact, have not come up with anything new, getting out the old patterns of Bolshevik propaganda from under mothballs.

Which is not strange.

What is really strange is the fact that our statesmen, who at the top of their lungs rant about de-communization and struggle with the USSR legacy, are actually the most devoted and ardent followers of the “Lenin cause”. And it is they who the main enemy of the Church is now addressing from his crypt on the Red Square: “You are on the right path, comrades!”

Satanist activists of OCU in the fight against the Church фото 6

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