The author of the anti-UOC bill cites fakes as a justification for the ban

15 May 2022 18:55
The author of the anti-UOC bill cites fakes as a justification for the ban

Parliamentarian Natalia Pipa, the author of the bill to ban the UOC, published fakes about the Church.

One of the authors of the bill No. 7213 on the ban of the UOC, MP from the Holos party Natalya Pipa published an article on the resource “Why is the UOC-MP so ‘seething’ because of the registered bill?”.

In the publication, Pipa justifies why the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should be banned.

“Back in February, a saboteur was detained in the Kyiv region, who had records and special devices that testified to his cooperation with the aggressor. It turned out to be Archpriest of the UOC (MP) Mikhail Pavlushenko. In addition, on March 16, in Kyiv, a priest of the Russian Patriarchate (UOC-MP) Onufriy was detained. He ‘leaked’ information about the Ukrainian military, and a Russian flag and Z-symbols were found in the priest’s house,” Pipa wrote.

The people’s deputy also states that the UOC now allegedly “refuses to bury the dead Ukrainians.”

Pipa uploads her publication like this: “Now that it has become obvious to many that the UOC-MP is causing damage to Ukrainians, carrying out subversive activities, the only correct way out is to ban the Moscow Patriarchate.”

At the same time, the facts cited by the MP were officially refuted by the UOC.

The detention of Archpriest Mikhail Pavlushenko was a misunderstanding. He ended up near the downed Russian helicopter, as it crashed right behind his house near Gostomel, and the priest simply went out to find out if his help was needed. Having sorted out the situation, law enforcement officers let the priest go home without bringing any charges. Second, the incident with the “priest Onufriy” on March 16 was commented by the Kyiv Metropolis: “There is no Hieromonk Onufriy, who was born Sergey Tarasov, in the staff of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

Recall that on March 22, 2022, draft law 7204 “On the prohibition of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine”, and on March 26 – draft law 7213 on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations” were registered by the Verkhovna Rada, which pursue the same goal – the destruction of the UOC.

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