OCU adherents beat a UOC priest and ruin a prayer house in Novozhyvotiv

25 February 2022 18:22
OCU adherents beat a UOC priest and ruin a prayer house in Novozhyvotiv

In Novozhyvotiv, Vinnytsia region, OCU members beat a priest and smashed the prayer room of the UOC community.

A group of supporters of the OCU in the village of Novozhivotov, Vinnytsia region, beat an Orthodox priest and smashed the prayer room of the community of the Holy Intercession church of the UOC. This is reported by 1Kozak on its Facebook page.

The channel was informed from the scene that on February 25, around 11:00, “the rector of the church, Archpriest Peter Monastyrsky, was warned that adherents of the OCU were gathering near the church.”

When the priest arrived at the place, he saw that the prayer room had been destroyed along with all the churchware and icons.

“For a long time, the community has been forced to fight for its shrine and pray in a small hut near the temple,” the journalists say. “But it didn’t seem enough to the barbarians what they had done. The defilers of the temples rushed at the clergyman, knocked him down and continued to kick him.”

Police were called to the scene, but they did absolutely nothing. The police said that the prayer room is not a registered building, and the believers should now simply remove it.

At the same time, the police refused to accept a statement from Archpriest Peter Monastyrsky.

“Law enforcement officers told the priest that no one would do start any action until he had his battery-induced injuries verified. The nearest place where it can be done is Haisyn town, which is located 70 km from Novozhyvotiv. Naturally, it was impossible to get to Haisyn given the priest's poor physical state,” say the 1Kozak journalists.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the temple of the UOC in Novozhyvotiv village, Vinnytsia region, was again invaded by OCU raiders.

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