"Miriane" announces a plan of action in case Phanar head arrives in Ukraine

24 June 2021 21:54
Vladimir Zelensky at a meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul. Photo: president.gov.ua Vladimir Zelensky at a meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul. Photo: president.gov.ua

The NGO “Miriane” hope that Zelensky will not ignore the demand of UOC believers and cancel the invitation to our country for Patriarch Bartholomew.

The public union "Miriane" (“Laity) announced a plan of action in case President Vladimir Zelensky ignores the demand of the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to cancel the invitation for Patriarch Bartholomew to the 30th anniversary of the celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day and the head of Phanar nevertheless arrives in our country. An appeal to believers published on the “Miriane” FB page says that in this case, representatives of the public union will seek a personal meeting with the head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

In particular, the NGO "Miriane" hopes that Zelensky will receive enough information about the scale of the problem of anti-church laws and will respond, as required by his position as Guarantor of the Constitution and just a human conscience. But they also admit that "the President may feel uncomfortable in front of a foreign guest, undesirable for most Ukrainians."

And if, nevertheless, the head of the Phanar arrives in Ukraine in August, the "Miriane" organization intends to personally convey to him how really Orthodox Ukrainians feel about granting a tomos to schismatics, what persecutions of UOC believers followed that act and that he is an accomplice in these crimes.

“That, using his blessing, contrary to the Constitution, the authorities grossly interfere in church life, violate the principle of equality of confessions and our rights. The rights of millions of Orthodox Ukrainians whom he declared his children. He must see and understand that the schism in the Ukrainian Orthodox community has only intensified after the tomos story. Patriarch Bartholomew must get rid of any illusions, if any, and understand all his responsibility,” resumed “Miriane”.

As the UOJ reported, the head of “Miriane” said that they came so that Zelensky does not repeat Poroshenko's mistakes.

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